Image Processing Using Multi-Code GAN Prior
Jinjin Gu1  Yujun Shen2  Bolei Zhou2 
1The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
2The Chinese University of Hong Kong
We propose multi-code GAN prior (mGANprior) to incorporate the well-trained GANs as effective prior to a variety of image processing tasks. In particular, we employ multiple latent codes to invert a fixed GAN model, and then introduce adaptive channel importance to compose the features maps from these codes at some intermediate layer of the generator. The resulting high-fidelity image reconstruction enables the trained GAN models as prior to many real-world applications, such as image colorization, super-resolution, image inpainting, and semantic manipulation.
Various image processing tasks with mGANprior.
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Related Work
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Comment: Interprets the face semantics emerging in the latent space of GANs.
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